Koopmans Gallery 24/04/2001—07/05/2020

Photos made by Hendrik Koopmans
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1) Pictures I like

Here I show pictures that I like, independent of category. Please have a look,I hope you like them too.

226 images

2) Family Events

This album is for pictures of family events.

1400 images9 videos

3) Trips

Pictures taken during, normally short, trips

415 images6 videos

4) Vacation

Pictures taken during vaction or longer trips. The "classic" vacation album.

2329 images10 videos

5) Home and Garden

Private pictures of our home and garden and flower pictures.

229 images

6) U-Schön

Pictures taken during activities in our nice village.

209 images

7) Sämi's Gartenbahn

Sämi's Gartenbahn

130 images2 videos

8) Delta

This album is for pictures related to my pre-retirement work at Delta Energy systems

255 images


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